About Us

Elicit Productions came to life in 2009. Since then, the company has grown to include a strong team of talented artists. Whether you need actors, dancers, videographers or fire performers, someone on our team has the skills, experience and talent to help you make your ideas become realities.

Our Philosophy

Elicit’s core philosophy draws inspiration from the open source community. Its goal and focus is on helping its members have a creative outlet for their arts and skills, allowing everyone to access the blueprints for innovative new ideas, and inspire groundbreaking collaborations. By offering universal access to great entertainment in the spirit of open source, we open the door to new levels of excellence in film, performance and much more

Contact Us

There’s nothing more exciting than watching something you’ve dreamed of become real. At Elicit Productions, we are the conduit between dreams and reality. To get started on your project or to learn more about Elicit, contact us at (612) 225-9675 or Bret@ElicitProductions.com.