Elicit Team

Meet Our Team

At Elicit Productions, our team comprises actors, dancers, performers and videographers who have extensive experience in their respective fields. In fact, our artists have 45 years of combined experience. Learn more about the people who will be working to make your visions become realities! Read our biographies to get a better idea of who we are and how we can help you.

Emily Knotek

Actress, Singer, Fire Bouncer

emily2Emily is a local performer that you may have seen dancing with the Four Season’s BodyTalk group or acting with Six Elements Theater Company.  She started out with Elicit Productions as a Fire Bouncer and is soon to appear in Elicit’s Awkward Blind Date video.  She has been performing, singing, and dancing on Twin Cities stages since 1999.  Her passions include vocal performance, Argentine Tango, Ceili, and Juggling.  Though, a show that combines all four has yet to hit the scene.  If you would like to reach out to her for future projects please direct your inquiries to Emily@elicitproductions.com.

Shelley Johnson


shelley-headShelley has stepped back into actively producing creative works after a few years hiatus. She has been on stage, back stage, building the stage, over the stage, and even under the stage but has yet to fulfill her dream of skydiving onto a stage. With a background in directing and acting, supported by stage combat, special effects make up, and production design skills, Shelley has ended up a jack-of-all-trades who can herd the crap out of cats and make it look good too. Shelley@elicitproductions.com.

Andrew Fasching


andrew-headshotMy goal as an artist is to convey emotion through use of photographic media. Photography is merely documenting the fleeting “moments of truth” where the true beauty of reality comes together in a “perfect moment.” I feel that art is everywhere and at all times we merely need to be ready when perception, comprehension, and beauty presents itself. This is art. Andrew@elicitproductions.com.

Bret Pasek

Founder, Executive Producer, Concept Writer

10562535_336537663166885_8689797744299062378_oBret’s interest in becoming a fire performer began in the fall of 2006 while attending the Minnesota State Fair.  They had a freak show there that year, and for the first time in his life, he saw someone eat fire before his eyes.  He had never thought anything like that was possible, yet there she was, filling the tent with smells of gasoline and putting burning torches in her mouth without so much as a flinch.  He was so mesmerized that he had to learn how to do it himself, and hence began the journey to his new-found career.  Two years later, he joined the Fandazzi Fire Circus and started performing his fire arts on stage.  As his love for stage grew, so did his love for dance.  In summer of 2011, he started a new project, Elicit Productions, where he taught Latin dance lessons while forming a dance crew fusing Latin and hip-hop styles.  The company expanded in 2014 into doing video productions for short skits and promos, with the goal of uniting diverse local talent in the Twin Cities to create new levels of entertainment.  Now, he stands ready to embark on a new dream: taking on the Guinness World Record for torch eating.  Stay tuned as new paths keep unfolding for him. Contact him at bret@elicitproductions.com.

Lindsay Luna Rouge

1495183_542101869300_1898101484_oLindsay may be better known by her stage name, Luna Rouge, and has been in the performance arts scene for over 7 years. Starting with bellydance and progressing into tribal fusion, hip hop, poi spinning, and fire performance, Luna brings a unique diversity to each and every performance!

She is the director of IllonyX, a co-director of Black Isles Bellydance, and also is a proud member of Caravan Dance, Dragon’s Fire Theater, and Cigany. Having shared the stage with Beats Antique, Nathan Maxwell (of Flogging Molly), Screaming Monkey Boner, and with all the greats in Tribal Fusion Bellydance out at Tribal Fest in California. She was also the runner up for RAW: Minneapolis’ Performer of the Year in 2012.

In addition to performance, Luna is an accomplished videographer and editor, having graduated Brown College for Television Production in 2007, and later played a role in an Emmy award won for her employer in 2009 for Best Cable Access Newscast in the Upper Midwest Emmy chapter. Reach her at lindsay@elicitproductions.com.